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“When you have two coffee shops right next to each other, and each sells the exact same coffee at the exact same price, service design is what makes you walk into one and not the other.” – 31 Volts Service Design, 2008

A lovely, clear and understandable quote from the book ‘This is Service Design Thinking’ (I am not obsessed with this book, just fascinated!) My opinion, I see this quote can be referenced to products as well. Lets say you have two sets of speakers that have the same features, same materials applied, costs the same and packed in the same box, but one can only be used for PC’s and the other can be used for Mac and PC’s…… It’s your call. Depends if you have a Mac hey….

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A Tiny Apartment Transforms Into 24 Rooms

Absolutely mind blowing! Beautifully executed and well thought. Brillant way of using small living spaces, turning it into a hidden rooms, making it feel big… (my thoughts)…. Check out the video!

Ora Lattea Watch!

I just brought this watch, can’t wait till it comes! Love the concept behind it!


Designed by young Italian designer Denis Guidone and manufactured by Italian brand Nava, the Ora Lattea watch pays homage to celestial time. The minimal white face features just three black dots: one marking the position of the hour hand; another the second hand; and a third the centre of the watch. The first two dots orbit the third like planets in the solar system while the name Ora Lattea is a play on Via Lattea, the Italian phrase for Milky Way.

Available in 42mm or 36mm diameter case.

For more awesome designer watches go to;

What Would 9/11 Have Been Like with Twitter and YouTube?

Dozens of cell phones held high at the spontaneous celebration at Ground Zero last night.

News of Osama Bin Laden’s death broke last night on Twitter when Keith Urbahn, chief of staff to former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, tweeted, “So I’m told by a reputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden. Hot damn.”

This was before the White House confirmed it, before TV reporters went on the air, before Obama addressed the nation—a speech that was immediately YouTubed, of course. Endless jokes ensued, including a crop of “death certificate” cracks. Facebook posts went viral. Twitter exploded. Even though I’m a journalist, I don’t love recording my very first feelings on the Internet… yet I felt an obligation, lest my kids ask me in 20 years, “Mama, what did you first tweet when you found out Bin Laden was dead?” (“I tweeted ‘Not sure what to tweet,’ honey.”) Last night and this morning are reminders not only of how long we’ve been holding our collective breath, but how drastically media has changed since 9/11.

In 2001, there was no YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, smartphones, camera phones, or all even many blogs. If there had been, how would our memories be different? With in-flight Internet, there may have been emails and tweets sent from Flight 93—including, possibly, useful comments from the suicide bombers. There would have been visceral, heartbreaking goodbye letters—videos, even—posted right from the plane and from the twin towers. At Ground Zero and across the country, there would have been terrified Facebook status updates and video clips from camera phones.

Now everyone has the option to contribute publicly, and our gut feelings are forever Google-able. We can see the conversation unfolding in front of us, which is, I guess, weirdly satisfying. Also potentially embarrassing. “Obama bin Laden is dead!” I shouted as I shook my friend awake. Thankfully I didn’t type this mistake and then hit “publish.”

As we obsessively read and chat about the Bin Laden news today, here’s hoping we’ll all step back and take more than 140 characters to revisit our first assumptions.

Grooveshark to replace Spotify?

We all know Spotify is now going to be charging and limiting the number of times we can listen to a song, up to five plays I believe. Not to worry, we have a saviour! Grooveshark which launched in 2007, is an international online music search engine offering viewers a free option as well as payment. It has no limitations with the free account, which is what we loved about Spotify! It also allows you to add any current songs you have in your iTunes for example.

So, go to and start listening to free music all year round! Goodbye Spotify….

Edible Vegetable Paper… finally!

Even before her study Geke Wouters was experimenting with nature products. Her ambition was to create art that would be limited in their durability.
After endless experimenting and various projects she discovered a procedure, which made it possible to make a complete new material out of nature products.

She changed her attained  target  “limited lifetime” to “redesigning gifts of nature”.

For example, her business card seems to be printed on ‘raw’ orange paper, is it not what it seems. It is one of Geke her developed materials. It is made out of… carrot.

Of course, the procedure is a secret. But as you can understand, there are many possibilities.


 wrappers for snacks (i.a. sushi)
 decorations materials
 direct marketing ‘Eye Catcher’
 products of your imagination

To see more visit her website: