Want to improve sound quality of your Hi5 system?

I have witnessed the sound quality and improvement of these small little equipments! It is truly amazing…. more information below.

The Townshend Audio Maximum Ribbon Supertweeters extend the response of conventional Hi-Fi loudspeakers to 90kHz.

The provision of 7 selectable sensitivity settings ensures compatibility with an enormous range of loudspeakers, ranging from below 80dB/W to above 100dB/W.

Adding the Supertweeter to your audio system will allow you to experience the full benefit of the extended frequency response delivered by the high resolution digital audio formats (DVD-A, DVD-V containing 96/24 stereo PCM audio, and SACD) and to fully utilize the 30kHz plus frequency response available from high-quality vinyl reproduction.

The Supertweeters are supplied with 1.5m of Isolda impedance matched, EDCT Litz wire, terminated with ‘piggy back’ 4mm banana connectors.

Townshend Audio is a high end hi5 company creating and producing high quality equipment for those who want to hear the best sound quality. http://www.townshendaudio.com


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