Product design with a twist of service

Continuing the book ‘This is Service Design Thinking’ I have read the first part in which the book talks about KONE, a company which produce a range of lifts used in buildings and car parks. With this product range, a service is to be integrated as the business needs to sell its products in order to profit.

Problem: Myyrmanni shopping mall (based in Finland), as another customer, has development need: Customers did not rise to the second floor of the shopping mall by using rustproof steel car lifts. They were queuing for the landscape lifts.

Solution: Steel car elvators were decorated with the pictures from ‘The Incredibles’. This created an improved atmosphere and made the steel car elevators attractive to the shopping mall customers. The people flow was changed and the problem was solved.

This just shows how important service design is to people and their society. After I read this section, it shows how subtle a service can be and how we (and myself) tend to forget that we use services practically everyday. Writing on my blog…. a intangible service? The solution was very simple for Myyrmanni mall traffic in the car park, and it was simply to change the environment making it more welcoming for customers which decreased queuing issues. In my opinion, simply brilliant!


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