A project that I worked on during my last year at Ravensbourne with Toni Natalucci. Check it out, it’s very conceptual but it’s another way of how E-Waste can be reduced.


By 2020 the world’s love affair with inexpensive disposable gadgets is coming to an end.

The past decade’s trade wars, along with natural and man-made disasters, have delivered the true cost of consumers’ hunger and reliance on plastics and cheap electronics.

A new sense of regard for materials is evolving in the psyche. A new generation of tech-savvy consumers want responsibly to use green and durable components that can be re-used or recycled along with them on their journey in life.

The conceptual eSoul is a portable programmable communication tool that allows you to amass, share and access data with the world around you. Sensing its surroundings through state of the art auditory and visual recording components it
retains your experiences for instant playback to the cloud.

Acting as the interface to your personal memory vault it works by collecting what is
important, developing like an extension of your own soul. This organic like growth takes in inanimate object and gives it human like characteristics and will encourage the object to be venerated.

When paired with another eSoul they become integrated in a network, intertwining
intelligence, growing and developing. By enabling free flowing data exchange with work and social contacts a body of knowledge and tradition can be created.

We intend to create a product that will have a life time’s worth of useful working potential, with microphone and camera technology at its zenith HD and High fidelity playback can be realized and shared with others for years to come.

The product is manufactured with high quality electronic components and housed in a “SLS rapid prototyped” copper shell. The quartz crystal “mind’s eye” houses the camera and acts as storage for the eSoul’s key to memories.

By designing a durable and long lasting device that is recyclable, serviceable and upgradable we add to the market a product that is of value to our society as it encourages a different attitude towards past electronic products that have been designed to be disposable and obsolete.

eSoul is the key to your past, present and future that will keep your memories alive forever.


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