Edible Vegetable Paper… finally!

Even before her study Geke Wouters was experimenting with nature products. Her ambition was to create art that would be limited in their durability.
After endless experimenting and various projects she discovered a procedure, which made it possible to make a complete new material out of nature products.

She changed her attained  target  “limited lifetime” to “redesigning gifts of nature”.

For example, her business card seems to be printed on ‘raw’ orange paper, is it not what it seems. It is one of Geke her developed materials. It is made out of… carrot.

Of course, the procedure is a secret. But as you can understand, there are many possibilities.


 wrappers for snacks (i.a. sushi)
 decorations materials
 direct marketing ‘Eye Catcher’
 products of your imagination

To see more visit her website: http://www.gekewouters.nl/materialen_en.html


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