Urban Farming- Tutorial with Sam and Rob

With urban farming, I don’t want it to be another sustainable project as the child car seat was about sustainability and currently entering a E waste competition.

When discussing with Sam, he did mention urban farming does not have to be about sustainability, there are many things with urban farming that is not related to sustainability. With urban farming, it is more about people growing crops making a better living, a growing community and an interest in growing crops. This is an emerging trend, with many people purchasing allotments. Within London, there is a waiting list of 5 years for allotments, this shows how big and demanding it is.

Suggestions and discussions involved talking about hydroponics where fluid is replaced by soil allowing nutrients to be pumped into water. Growing Life, a company based within London supply these type of kitchen lights for crops to grow where there not enough lighting. The image seen to the left is a product by Growing Life, which allows the customer to look after vegetables and fruits that go off very quickly (cucumbers, lettuce, soft leaf herbs, tomatoes etc). Can this idea be combined with kitchen companies? Trough looking?

Other discussions were vertical farming (other latest trend), how people within the house or using the exterior are not utilising the space efficiently. Why? Simply because people are not educated or have not awareness of urban farming.

Educating children on how to grow crops in areas where there is no space? Or just generally educating them on how to grow crops.

There is a technique when planting vegetables and fruits is by plant certain plants together which prevent flies from eating and rotting other plants, known as cross planting. An excellent place to go to is Kew Gardens and RHS, Royal Horticultural Society which is the UK’s leading gardening charity dedicated to advancing horticulture and promoting good gardening.

Other discussion which rised was seasonal fruits are becoming available all year round, and people are used to the idea of having any types of food at their finger tips. A good company to look at is Omlet, the company which we researched and based a project on during my second year.


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