Throughout the journey of this project, I have learnt many aspects of making a clock and understanding the timing, the procedures, effort, being proactive and organised. This was a good project as it gave me the understanding how to also tackle working on more than one project.

There were many issues which occurred during the project. When I ordered the t-shirts they did take a long time to arrive due to weather conditions, but as I did order them earlier during the period they managed to arrive in time. The issue with this was paying extra for the t-shirts to arrive in 5 working days when they actually arrived two weeks later. I can credit my organisation skills as I did order them quite early during the project period.

When using the router machine to produce the hole for the clock movement mechanism to go in the router piece broke which left me with a choice of purchasing another piece costing £43 or to agree with the number of 13 clocks I managed to router. My decision was to go with the 13 clocks as I have already spent a lot of money on my materials.

I did attempt to get the timber merchants to router the holes for me, but it resulted in a very expensive quote of £300 to router the hole, round the edges, James salt and pepper shaker, to round the edges and to create a groove. Too expensive.

From the business plan, I did go over my budget but ended up with a good outcome. My idea changed throughout the period which meant my budget had to change. My initial idea was a bell clock that changed to a cabinet clock- requiring more materials than a bell clock.

The most difficult part of the project was to find these antique handles for the cabinet clock. A type of handle which is quite old fashioned, meaning most companies which produced them resulted them being bust as not many people were purchasing these style of handles.

On a positive note, I have found that I am quite a good seller to customers on the day of the market. I managed to sell few of my clocks along with other products on the stall.

I do not regret any decision I have made, changing our idea from Ravalottery to Simple was a quick and good decision.


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