W.C 13th Dec 2010

Monday 13th December 2010

Continuing from Friday, I started to work on my products for the market occurring on Wednesday.

In the morning we had an IPP lecture with Lorna, regarding CV’s and how we come across when we network. She also taught us how we can express ourselves in number of seconds. My words

“Hi. My name is Vanisha. I am currently in my third year at Ravensbourne College studying product design. I am a co-founder of a new company Degrees Zero, established in my second year. I have previous work placements with Marks and Spencer as a packaging designer and with Happy Kitchen, a food organic company.

I am a motivational designer looking for challenging internships.”

After the lecture, I continued to work on my models throughout the whole day. Early afternoon, while I was using the router to create the holes at the back of the clock, the router piece broke, leaving me with 13 models instead of 20. Making the decision, I decided to work on good 13 models rather than going to purchase another router piece costing me £43.


Tuesday 14th December 2010

Today was my formative for RSA. There are few pointers which I need to consider and act upon on. With my idea I concentrate too much on the aspect of my project, only to forget that the main factor is not X but Y. As I want to gain a project good for enough for my portfolio, I will act upon these changes over Christmas holidays.

After my formative, I continued to work on my clocks, sanding and polishing them and adding the final touches of the clock mechanism and hands.


Wednesday 15th December 2010

The day of Penrose Market, the day started off with a large team helping to put up the stalls and covers.

The weather made the day more challenging as it was raining and very windy. We had to ensure our wooden handmade products did not get wet.

Throughout the day, I managed to sell 5 of my clocks. I found that I am quite good at communicating to customers and persuasive in a certain way where people brought products on our stall.


Thursday 16th December 2010

After an intense week of E&E and RSA, I had the chance to read over my dissertation in which I gave myself a target to submit it today.

I did find that I missed areas where it needed harvard referencing. I ensured I removed all chattiness from my writing ensuring it is written correctly and addressing the user in a formal manner.

Overall I am happy with my dissertation as it has taught me a lot and most importantly, I enjoyed writing my dissertation.


Friday 17th December 2010

Busy term is over, and cleaning my locker, I decided to bring home my clocks. I managed to persuade my father to purchase my clock making it to 6 clocks sold.

The Christmas holidays start here, but that doesn’t mean I stop working as I must continue with RSA brief.



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