W.C 6th Dec 2010

Monday 6th December 2010

Today I went to the playgroup with my family member to get my questionnaires filled out. It was quite an experience as I did not expect it to be very busy. I did manage to get all of the 15 questionnaires filled by the mothers resulting in a successful feedback.

Reflecting over the answers, many mothers were quite interested with my concept, 9 of 15 said yes to introducing a indicator and a type of service.

With the location, Princes Risbourgh, it is a wealthy locations where parents are more than willing to purchase new car seats, 3 of 15 mothers have second hand car seats.

A very interesting insight and a helpful task allowing me to understand parents more.

Tuesday 7th December 2010

Counting down the days to Penrose Market, some of us from the team decided to discussed stall layout for E&E. We put tables together to understand the size of the stall. For quick decision making, we finalised the layout of the stall and took pictures for reference.

Wednesday 8th December 2010

Today we had formative assessment for E&E. Slightly different to normal formative assessments, we gathered together in our initial groups which we were put together at the start of term. We then had to present back to our group in which they would take notes and share thoughts at the end of our presentation.

Feedback for my presentation was to think about the pricing for my clock. I set myself a price of £10 – £15. I was told to up my price to £20 due to the effort of the clocks being handmade.

Thursday 9th December 2010

Went to the timber merchant to collect some more wood for James for his salt and pepper shakers.

As I am still waiting for my clock mechanisms to arrive, I continued to work on RSA starting to map out ideas for my presentation boards.

Myself and James decided to go to the timber merchant tomorrow to see if they can quote us a cheap price for our product for E&E to be routered.

Friday 10th December 2010

We went to the timber merchant to see how much they would quote us on their router services. They quoted us £300, very expensive quote. We made our way back to college where we started on our models. I started to drill large holes in the back of my clock, making it easier for me to router on Monday.


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