W.C 29th Nov 2010

Monday 29th November 2010

Due to the tube strike, I had the opportunity to work from home today. I continued to work on my RSA report, receiving emails from Derek, regarding ShockLog appliance.


Tuesday 30th November 2010

I had the chance to talk to Sam an Rob about my RSA project and to update them on where I am, and how I am performing. In discussion, another type of indicator was mentioned called impact pressure films. When hit with impact, the film turns red in the area of impact. This could be an indicator I can adapt to my idea.

Continuing with RSA, we also had a discussion about composing questionnaires for mothers to complete. I have access to go to a play group with a family member where I have permission to get mothers to fill out the questionnaire. This will be planned for next Monday.


Wednesday 1st December 2010

As a team, for E&E, we spoke about our ideas, collecting materials, ordering materials, where we can get materials from. This will enable us to starting collecting information to move forward with the project.


Thursday 2nd December 2010

Preparing myself for Monday, Sam helped me with the questionnaires, looking over the questions ensuring I get these correct asking them valid questions to help me towards my project and knowledge.

To gain more information, a website called netmums contains a forum where mothers post up questions with replies from other mothers creating a interesting community of mothers. Here I have the permission from netmums themselves if I can post up my questionnaire.


A twist occurred in my clock idea for E&E, when speaking to Sam about my idea and problems with forming the shape as the facilities with the college are not enough for me to gain the complex shape. ‘Why force an idea when the facilities are not available’ quotes by my tutor Sam, which I will always remember. I was recommended to look at carriage clocks which will be easier to make and produce.


Friday 3rd December 2010

Today we started to push these products forward for E&E, most of us ordered wood. Myself and Julie ordered wood from the same timber merchant ordering a type hardwood sapele, which is a cheaper version of mahogany and the cheapest hardwood.

Final preparations for Monday, I binded 15 questionnaires, ensuring I show quality to the mothers.


Saturday 4th December 2010

The wood was ready to be collected as our orders were specific cuts. Overall the quality of the wood is very good, the cuts into blocks were very precise. This is a good timber merchant which I will remember and consider if needed for future projects.



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