W.C 22nd Nov 2010

Monday 22nd November 2010

Today I continued working on RSA, thinking how I can apply the indicators to the car seat. When I had my tutorial with Sam, we discussed how the indicator can be designed, it does not have to be ShockWatch style.

I had an engaging and helpful discussion with an employee working in the crash test department.

He spoke about ISO fix and also recommended this type of car seat. It works with two hooks that clips on the back of a metal bar found in modern/ recent cars. The pressure/ stress acts differently. When the parent brakes the movement of the chair does not move with the force of the car, it has a different type of impact as it is fixed on the metal bar at the back making it much safer for the child. The ISO fix has a hinge point which is attached to the bar.

Car seats which rely on the seat belt has a totally different impact when in an accident or type of force. When force is applied from the car the car seat reacts much differently to the ISO fix. The seat belt reacts much later as it locks with a certain amount of force applied giving away some time with the seat belt. This allows the car seat to move with the force of the car compared to ISO fix having a different reaction to the force. A confirmation is the pressure points is based where the seat belt is in contact with the chair.

Tuesday 23rd November 2010

To take my RSA project further and understanding it, I spoke with Jake Durrant, a senior lecturer, also very acknowledgeable with devices, processes, manufacturing techniques and so on. There are many things for me to look at to gain this type of indicator and to understand the technology available. A few tips he told me to look at is a brake dynamometer, the FIA which are standards and to look at things that record impact.

A twist which occurred for our E&E task today. As for our idea Rav ‘a’ lottery was not something which is viable enough to present on the stall. Between the five of us, we had to brainstorm very quickly to come up with an idea and a theme of what we are trying to achieve and what we are trying to show. We were told from the marketing team, we are quite strong individuals making us a strong team, we should take this chance to create a stall that will benefit us.

For my advantage I emailed my dissertation on Sunday to avoid me forgetting or to prevent any issues occurring in later date. Our dissertation formative deadline is today.

Wednesday 24th November 2010

The afternoon session for E&E consisted of talks from three designers that opened a business, telling us their story and advice to us of whom want to go into a business.

The first talker, Lisa Stockton whom I worked with for two months during the summer, gave a talk about her experience to her achievements. A organic orientated business, but also quite niche as not there are not many businesses in the industry that cater to creating foods which are 100% organic. An inspirational talk from Lisa as she gave us advice to how to be prepared for the business setting environment.

Advice given by Jon Sawdon Smith and Ben Terrett was very interesting as they gave very similar advice for those who would want to set up a business in the future. Ben Terrett’s work for the newspaper club was very interesting for us as we can use this type of tool and connection for our degree show.

We completed a presentation about Ben’s Pottery on how we can improve the business. Certain suggestions that stood out was making the shop into a type of workshop allowing people to see how they make their products. Another point was creating a type of community within the area, bring people together to show how to make pots.

As a group we continued to work on E&E discussing where we are at the moment. We had to speak to our tutor talking to her about our idea and how we can develop it further. To make it more interesting for our idea, we had an extra person from our class come into the group making it an even six. This is perfect for the idea of ‘simple’ containing six letter and six people.

I started to complete various models created in SolidWorks understanding the form and developing forms.

Thursday 25th November 2010

Today I continued to work on E&E idea creating many ideas and forms on SolidWorks.

For my RSA project, I found a type of device used for parcels during transportation that measures force. ShockLog, gathers data which then can be transferred to a computer with all data. This is a perfect solution which can be adapted to my idea. I looked into the idea more and started to look at ways of how it can be presented as a service.

Friday 26th November 2010

Continuing with my RSA project, I started to look at the service in more depth. This allows me to understand the type of service and how I can develop it further.

For E&E we finally sent of our project plan as we had to re-type the plan to cater our new business idea.

For materials towards our products we will be producing for E&E I contacted b&q to look for wood material, preferably hardwood as this will allow us to achieve good models and good finishes. But when I rang B&Q said they do not sell hardwood just softwood.

In the afternoon we had industry day, we learnt and saw a presentation about pechakucha. It is a type of presentation that involves twenty slides and each slide contains a picture giving the speaker twenty seconds to talk about each slide. Other talkers gave advice mainly about how to find jobs after graduating, what to do after, I spoke to a person called Lauren who works in a design consultancy, she gave me advice about my business which me and Toni joined through the incubation scheme. She told me to concentrate on my third year and then focus on the company after.


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