W.C 15th Nov 2010

Monday 15th November 2010

Today is presentation day of what we have done so far. My presentation went well as my area I have chosen is viable.

My next step is to ask parents questions to see if they would be interested in this type of scheme, this I will need to go through in stages and get it right. I also need to get a car seat and take it apart to see what parts are involved.


Tuesday 16th November 2010

Sending drafts to Tracy Jenkins for my dissertation and receiving it back very quickly allows me to implement corrections sending it back to her.

With the dissertation harvard referencing has been quite difficult. Harvard referencing is quite clever, but to ensure the referencing flows correctly I must ensure I follow the guide line given by Ravensbourne.

One particular section I am finding difficult is to harvard reference quotes, there is a short version that is placed within the text and long referencing to go in the bibliography.


Wednesday 17th November 2010

Today was our E&E presentation to the class about Elizabeth Arden and other pointers which we were asked to research. Other pointers were regarding businesses within the area of Greenwich to see what type of travel to and from the area.

The afternoon session for E&E consisted of talks from three designers that opened a business, telling us their story and advice to us of whom want to go into a business.

The first talker, Lisa Stockton whom I worked with for two months during the summer, gave a talk about her experience to her achievements. A organic orientated business, but also quite niche as not there are not many businesses in the industry that cater to creating foods which are 100% organic. An inspirational talk from Lisa as she gave us advice to how to be prepared for the business setting environment.

Advice given by Jon Sawdon Smith and Ben Terrett was very interesting as they gave very similar advice for those who would want to set up a business in the future. Ben Terrett’s work for the newspaper club was very interesting for us as we can use this type of tool and connection for our degree show.

Going back to my RSA project, I won a bid for a child car seat for £10. It just shows that people are still buying second hand car seats despite the risk if the car seat has weakened.


Thursday 18th November 2010

Today I brought in my car seat for dismantling. After dismantling the car seat, I spoke with Sam and spoke about my task of dismantling the car seat and what my findings were. The main body is a two piece injection mould. Not as much padding or components involved as I would have expected. The seat had a polystyrene padding mould positioned at the top of the car seat. From my analysis the car seat heavily relies on the cover containing a type of foam.

My task next is to call up a crash testing company that have done tests of a child car seat called Mira.

I also suggested that my idea could be a service as well as a product. I will implement the product to the car seat and work out how it can be adapted as a service.

Sam also advised me to start sketching to understand what the form may be like and how it can be developed.

With my idea, I am hoping to attach a type of indicator to the car seat where the force hits the car seat finding the pressure points. I can either assume this or ring Mira and ask questions in order to help me understand my project further.


Friday 19th November 2010

I continued with my RSA project working on my report as well as looking and analysing the car seat. Talking with Jon, who has expertise in SolidWorks mentions if I want to understand its pressure points, I will benefit from the task of modeling it out into SolidWorks which then I can do a stress analysis.

Back to my dissertation, another draft sent to Tracy with a quick reply back with corrections to how I harvard reference a quote.



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