After yesterdays successful visit to Mamas & Papas I decided to make a phone call to Mothercare asking if I can come in to discuss there range of car seats for my project. A reply back ‘No, we don’t do any of that.’ Lovely. So I decided to go down there anyways to get my research, I pretended I was purchasing a car seat for my sister as she will be due soon. I also said to the sales adviser ‘I have no idea about car seats, I have come here with a fresh mind.’ Brillant! The sales adviser more more than welcome to help me, she straightaway recommended Maxi Cosi as they are the best on the market. The range of Maxi Cosi seats and fit onto most push chair ranges of Mothercare. As an honest sales adviser she mentioned about the older models of Maxi Cosi how the ISO fix base could not be compatible with the next car seat up. With the new model of Maxi Cosi they now have the compatibility of allowing parents to purchase the next car seat, which will fit in the ISO fix base.

With the newborn seats a negative impact with all newborn car seat is, parents can not keep the child in there for more than 2 hours due to posture. I did ask her about second hand car seats if she would recommend me to purchase them, she straightaway said no as parents can not tell if the seat has been affect my wear and tear or been involved in an accident.

Same with Mamas & Papas, parents look for car seats that are lightweight. The car seat sets are cheaper than Mamas & Papas. An interesting point she made is, Mamas & Papas have there own system, if you purchase ac ar seat from them you then are stuck with their product ranges, parents can not go to Mothercare as it is not compatible.


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