W.C 8th Nov 2010

Monday 8th November 2010

On this Monday I had a tutorial with Sam and Michelle about my RSA project. Till this point it has been quite a difficult ride. Finding an area in which I can make something disappear. I found an article in Which? magazine about child seats. This led the conversation to be interesting as they do not want me to take on a large project at this stage due to time. Finalising an area, we discussed an area if there is a way which parents can see if the car seat has been involved in an accident or certain amount of force. My aim here is to reduce the wastage of child seats.

Later on in the afternoon, we had the opportunity to watch this film about Peak Oil based in cuba and how this affected people’s lives. Cuba was a very rich city before until a period of peak oil arrived affecting shipping goods to Cuba. At one point ships were told not to go to Cuba making it very difficult for people to survive. However, as humans are known to be adaptable, the Cubans started to produce there own food, people whom had different professions before had to take up farming in order to provide money and food for themselves and for others.

Many things changed in Cuba as bicycles were transported in as people could not afford to drive as they would have to pay for petrol. Health was affected a lot due to starvation.

Eventually working together, people started growing foods, selling and making a profit. This film just shows how people had to adapt without certain things we do not need in life. This can be related to my project make something disappear.


Tuesday 9th November 2010

First visit was at Dentsu London, a creative communications agency, showed us innovation within Tokyo. A massive insight and inspiration to how we can design and creative things that are conceptual but also are effective.

Some of their work are very inventive and clever, for example, we all know wrapping paper is a waste of material, Dentsu found old newspapers screen printed patterns onto them and then suggested that this can be used as wrapping paper. Simple, sweet and effective.

Other sorts of communication was to reduce people driving over the speed limit. In Japan, on a road, they made grooves in the tar mack in which cars must go over the grooves at 40mph. When they do go over the lines at the correct speed the car tyres react with the lines and create a song. Again, a well presented concept for people to reduce speed.

Another concept was using Augmented reality. Here is the scenario: you go into Starbucks for example, go to your iPhone/ iPod touch, go to this app which you downloaded. Then start searching for butterflies around the room, which you can catch. When you catch these butterflies you will find offers which you can use within Starbucks.

Second visit to one of the sessions of Internet Week was to IDEO in Farringdon. IDEO, a firm established in 1991 is an innovation and design firm that uses a human centered, design – based approach to help organisations in the business, government, education and social sectors innovate and grow.

Tom, a Design Director at IDEO in London did a 30 – 45 minute presentation about technology changing design.

Tom spoke about many things such as design thinking, business design and genrally talking about design process. The main pointers which caught my attention was when he was talking about his clients. IDEO clients are very clever, they know what they want and are always prepared with a briefing. So why do clients come to them? Its quite simple, clients are looking for diverge thinking, exploitation and exploring. He goes on to talking about consumers, to get a product/ service right, we as designers must see ‘everything through the eyes of the consumer’. This is something we do forget, when creating a product is always is about the consumer, its like we are constantly changing hats to remind ourselves what the consumer would think.

1. Questions – get it right

2. Understand your community and its motivations

3. Collaboration doesn’t just happen

Well its quite simply said, and yet affective. When asking questions, this could be in any situation, with a client for example, you must ask relevant questions which wil help us understand more. Understanding the community and its motivations is very interesting. Referring back to Richard Seymours talk, he said you will never understand a user group fully, which I very much agree with. But yes, agreeing with Tom, it still is important to understand the community, this could also refer to people you work with within a team. Last but not least, it is very much self explanatory, collaboration doesn’t just happen with a click of a finger. We must be able to work within a team and communicate the right way.


Wednesday 10th November 2010

In the morning of Wednesday, I made my way to the library to work on my dissertation. at this stage I am working on a timeline of products which were released during the recessions periods. I have used large companies such as Apple and Nokia mobile phones.

For Enterprise and Entrepreneur this year, we have been given a task to create products or any type of idea which we have the opportunity to sell to the public on 15th December. We can produce anything, as long as we make money and break even. We can work with anyone as long we are in a group. On the day we will have various people visiting the stall as there will be a concert for Scissor Sisters, as well as people visiting the dome, restaurants and the cinema.

I took the opportunity to start my RSA report, as I have done a lot of research, I need to start compiling it together as a report which needs to be very well presented.


Thursday 11th November 2010

Today I continued with my dissertation, working on the timeline and doing correction which Tracy Jenkins reads through.

I must admit, completing this log shows me how much I have done and how much I need to do. It allows me to reflect upon myself and how well I am doing, what I am learning and how can I change certain things.

I continued to input research into my RSA report. I also updated my wordpress blog, which is something that had adapted to me not as a chore, but a task that I want to do.

Today was remembrance day, for the brave we all contributed to the two minute silence to remember those who fought for us. Without them, we would not be where we are today.

After the two minute silence, we had another group discussion with Mark Ingham about dissertation. I think these discussions we have are very interesting and good for us as we learn a lot more about everyone’s dissertation topic broadening our knowledge.


Friday 12th November 2010

An interesting talk given by Chris, whom works within the team of Dentsu.

Chris talks about the world of computing and how is has or will affect people’s lives and general behaviour. It is very technical, I could go on saying what computing he mentioned, but I would like to share the pointers which I thought were interesting and some that raised a question.

Chris seems like a designer who is very passionate for what he does, he appreciates technology a lot, how far technology has come he praises everything. I sat there at one point thinking not many people even myself appreciate technology today, its something which I have got so used to, I forget to praise certain technologies like screens for example. However at one point, Chris started talking about how screens are going to burst into the market, well I’m not sure if he is considering the sustainability side to screens. Yes, screens are replacing paper advertisements in public places but surely you can’t randomly put a screen in a location which is unnecessary. I do not think he was talking about screens like this, but this is my argument, people do forget about sustainability which is a topic that always needs to be remembered and considered.

On a positive note, I do love how they have set up their office environment. Very inspirational  and different! Definitely would love to work in that sort of environment!

As we were asked by Sam and Michelle to do a presentation of what we have done so far on the RSA project, I started compose my presentation understanding what I have done so far and how I can make the presentation flow correctly.



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