Mamas & Papas

On my visit to westfield, there is a Mamas&Papas.

For legal reasons, I was not allowed to take any pictures of the cild car seats, but was able to ask the sales adviser questions regarding the seats.

The sales adviser started off by discussing the type of groups the seats are catergorised into group 0, 1, 2 and 3. Group 0 are for new borns, group 1 & 2 for 9 months – 4 years, and group 3 is 4 years – 11/ 12 years. Apparently there is a legal requirement that children under the age of 12 must have some sort of car seat, even if these are booster seats due to the height requirement when seated in a car.

The sales adviser also spoke about ISO fix and recommended a certain type called Primo Viaggio IP (a italian name, as seen above), as it can be placed within a car, then transferred to the pram without removing the child.

An important question is what are customers looking for? The sales adviser answered back that parents often look for light weight seats, which are multi functional such as being able to place in the car to the push chair to travelling.

All brands within Mamas&Papas are made by the company itself, they do not sell other brands like Maxi Cosi. I think a trip to Mothercare would be helpful for me to see the comparison.

The seats are extremely expensive! Parents can easily spend £600 on a set.

An interesting point that the sales adviser made is that some or on the rare occasion, some brand products can be fitted together. For example, I have a Maxi Cosi push chair and a Mamas&Papas car seat that can clip onto the pram.

I asked the sales adviser, do you have an negative opinions about the ranges you have. She could not decide on a negative factor as she says not many people re-fund these product ranges….


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