Internet Week: Dentsu London – Urban Computing

An interesting talk given by Chris, whom works within the team of Dentsu.

Chris talks about the world of computing and how is has or will affect people’s lives and general behaviour. It is very technical, I could go on saying what computing he mentioned, but I would like to share the pointers which I thought were interesting and some that raised a question.

Chris seems like a designer who is very passionate for what he does, he appreciates technology a lot, how far technology has come he praises everything. I sat there at one point thinking not many people even myself appreciate technology today, its something which I have got so used to, I forget to praise certain technologies like screens for example. However at one point, Chris started talking about how screens are going to burst into the market, well I’m not sure if he is considering the sustainability side to screens. Yes, screens are replacing paper advertisements in public places but surely you can’t randomly put a screen in a location which is unnecessary. I do not think he was talking about screens like this, but this is my argument, people do forget about sustainability which is a topic that always needs to be remembered and considered.

On a positive note, I do love how they have set up their office environment. Very inspirational  and different! Definitely would love to work in that sort of environment!


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