Internet Week: IDEO – Technology Changing Design

Another interesting visit to one of the sessions of Internet Week was to IDEO in Farringdon. IDEO, a firm established in 1991 is an innovation and design firm that uses a human centered, design – based approach to help organisations in the business, government, education and social sectors innovate and grow.

Tom, a Design Director at IDEO in London did a 30 – 45 minute presentation about technology changing design.

Tom spoke about many things such as design thinking, business design and genrally talking about design process. The main pointers which caught my attention was when he was talking about his clients. IDEO clients are very clever, they know what they want and are always prepared with a briefing. So why do clients come to them? Its quite simple, clients are looking for diverge thinking, exploitation and exploring. He goes on to talking about consumers, to get a product/ service right, we as designers must see ‘everything through the eyes of the consumer’. This is something we do forget, when creating a product is always is about the consumer, its like we are constantly changing hats to remind ourselves what the consumer would think.

What do you think of these pointers?

1. Questions – get it right

2. Understand your community and its motivations

3. Collaboration doesn’t just happen

Well its quite simply said, and yet affective. When asking questions, this could be in any situation, with a client for example, you must ask relevant questions which wil help us understand more. Understanding the community and its motivations is very interesting. Referring back to Richard Seymours talk, he said you will never understand a user group fully, which I very much agree with. But yes, agreeing with Tom, it still is important to understand the community, this could also refer to people you work with within a team. Last but not least, it is very much self explanatory, collaboration doesn’t just happen with a click of a finger. We must be able to work within a team and communicate the right way.


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