Internet Week: Dentsu London

One amazing day visiting places around London for Internet Week.



First visit was at Dentsu London, a creative communications agency, showed us innovation within Tokyo. A massive insight and inspiration to how we can design and creative things that are conceptual but also are effective.

Some of their work are very inventive and clever, for example, we all know wrapping paper is a waste of material, Dentsu found old newspapers screen printed patterns onto them and then suggested that this can be used as wrapping paper. Simple, sweet and effective.

Other sorts of communication was to reduce people driving over the speed limit. In Japan, on a road, they made grooves in the tar mack in which cars must go over the grooves at 40mph. When they do go over the lines at the correct speed the car tyres react with the lines and create a song. Again, a well presented concept for people to reduce speed.

Another concept was using Augmented reality. Here is the scenario: you go into Starbucks for example, go to your iPhone/ iPod touch, go to this app which you downloaded. Then start searching for butterflies around the room, which you can catch. When you catch these butterflies you will find offers which you can use within Starbucks. One word, amazing!

Very clever way of communicating to the public yet effective!


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