W.C 1st Nov 2010

Monday 1st November 2010

Monday morning, I continued to work on RSA project. I am finding it quite difficult as it is a broad area, they have not specifically given us any restrictions finding me reading the brief over and over again. There is a lot of things that can disappear, which we do not need, or an issue. Its just finding that ‘thing’.

In the afternoon myself and Toni had a meeting with Libby from the enterprise team regarding our collaborative project with Premier Foods during the summer holiday. We want Premier Foods to understand that our idea belongs to us, which they can not use without our permission.

It is a lesson we have learnt as a company is to always discuss about payment and copyright at the beginning of a project.

Tuesday 2nd November 2010

Today it was discussion time with Sam, I spoke about my idea of producing something that consumes the energy us humans produce and store it for other usages. For example, charging a battery. However the argument Sam mentioned was what am I making disappear? Good question!

We discussed other things like making traffic disappear, road cones, it can be a project which can be quite conceptual. So, back to the drawing board! Could I go into the area of what consumes a lot of energy?

I also helped last years third year by reading over her cover letter and advising her on how she can prepare for interviews. This is quite a good insight for me to see how she applies for jobs, portfolio and cover letters.

Wednesday 3rd November 2010

Today I continued to work on my progress map for dissertation, adding new posts to keep people who are following me informed and keeping myself informed. I also started to work on my 300 words for my dissertation writing what I will be discussing in my chapters and throughout my dissertation.

Thursday 4th November 2010

Speaking to Sam again regarding RSA project, I am still stuck on finding an area! When speaking to Sam, I had was presenting a solution rather than an area. With that I would then find a user group which it fits, and thats not a way the design process flows. Again, back to the drawing board. Sam then recommended me to go to the library, sit there for an hour or more to read current magazines. Magazines are full of issues which can disappear, maybe this will help.

After talking with Sam, I then joined a group to have a tutorial with Mark Ingham for dissertation. This was a very interesting and inspirational discussion as Mark makes us look at things from a different perspective. Talking about the recession and how it affects the design industry has been very interesting. So far I have been researching, and reading many articles including interviews and questionnaires. An suggestion by Mark was to look at this object and show a map over the recessions. Taking it further I could show a map of an imaginary object over the recessions, how it has changed, if it has changed? This allows the reader to be creative in this ‘object’.

After the talk with Mark, I headed off the the library to look for inspiration and started to collect magazines. I was in the library for an hour or so, was it useful? Yes! I may have a possible topic I could look into and take further. ‘Parents still struggling to fit child seats safely’, it is a possibility that I can make this issue disappear. I will research it further and brainstorm in a small group.

Friday 5th November 2010

Today at college we had an interesting visitor, the man himself, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson! Giving him a warm welcome to the college many students standing and waiting for his arrival, we cheered and applauded his visit. His speech, praising the college he then went around visiting the broadcasting rooms and using the equipment. Standing from the 4th four and watching him doing a live radio interview, we managed to get a wave from him! Definitely made my day.

In the afternoon a few of us went to the library to continue working on our RSA briefs. I also had the opportunity to brainstorm my possible area with other people in my class. This was very helpful for me as we were brainstorming things occurred which I felt targets the brief criteria’s. This could be a possible area I can take forward!


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