Tutorial with Mark Ingham

What an inspiring tutorial with Mark!

To make my dissertation much more interesting, we discussed how we can map out an object throughout the recessions. It would be interesting to see how much an object has changed over the time and how an object has not changed. Concluding, rather than finding an object, why not create this imaginary object?? This would allow the reader to be quite imaginative on the object. An unconscious idea? I introduce you to Big D. This I can produce as a story board rather than text.

Could I also challenge Maslow’s hierarchy?

Was there too much boom at one point and not enough bust to keep the economy steady?

To me the recession was not such an affect, well thats because I still live with family and it was an event which I did not need to consider. Up until now, the recession is an event which I will remember and consider in the future.


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