W.C 25th Oct 2010

Monday 25th October 2010

First day back to college and the beginning of the third year in a new building.

To get used to the building myself and few other class colleagues took the opportunity to settle ourselves in the building and finding our way round.

During the second year myself and Toni collaborated together to open up a company called ‘Degrees Zero’ based on our location of Ravensbourne as a design studio. We are currently making a website and are looking at designs for a logo for our company. Chris Thompson, part of enterprise team helped us identify what our company specialises in; packaging design, rapid prototyping, SolidWorks, rendering and Blue sky. There are other projects we have worked on individually which can be put towards the business, this has yet to be confirmed on what the business specialises. We also need to understand the type of user group we are targeting, talking to Chris gave us a motivation to do better and understand where we need to head next.

A few of us got together to also help each other about dissertation and brainstorming of how they can go about research, how to structure their dissertation and what areas they need to focus and why they should focus on those areas. A good insight for me as helping other people brainstorm, allows me to learn and develop my thinking ability, but to also know that I can work in a team.

Tuesday 26th October 2010

Our first lesson of IPP, previously know as PPD, was very helpful as we learnt how it is important to get ourselves acknowledged in the industry before we graduate. One fun activity was to have a firm handshake when meeting new people, having a firm handshake gives a person a first impression. On first impression it is also important how you present yourself to them, not just by your dress sense but how you are in a conversation with them. It is important to use correct English.

To help me with my dissertation, a lady called Tracy Jenkins reads over dissertations for those that want to ensure they have structured sentences and paragraphs correctly including grammar.

In the afternoon, we had our first induction to the third year, as it is a new building and new way of working, a group of us gathered after the induction to input dates and room numbers into out calendar ensuring we know what time and where we are. The calendar also allows me to organise myself to keep myself on target through projects.

Wednesday 27th October 2010

With the briefs of RSA published, its time to make quick decisions on what brief I want to choose. Getting together as a group and discussing about brief options, I made the decision within an hour of discussion as I felt that particular brief stood out. With this decision myself and another class colleague continued to organise ourselves, we start to input periods of how long we will research, initial designing, finalise designs, ordering materials, model making, presentation boards and photography. This allows me to see the whole term to be aware of my targets and deadlines.

I read the brief in detail understanding what criteria’s I must meet, highlighting sentences as a reference and fully understanding what I must achieve.

As I have just chosen the brief, I am currently using intuition (what we know), but I will be conducting and will rely upon observational research.

For observational research, I will take pictures to record what I see. Its always good record other people’s day to day objects they use, for this I asked people within my class to take pictures.

An important event for us in our third year is New Designers. As a motivated group, we want to start fund raising for New Designers and the in house show within Ravensbourne. Within the discussion, we came up with an idea of ‘Rava Lottery’ involving students within the college to purchase tickets, from this one person will be chosen at random on a specific day, Thursday for example, their picture will be shown on the screens positioned around college. The winning person will then claim their prize from the SU bar. Prizes can be dinners, or experiences and so on.

Thursday 28th October 2010

Today was our first day of dissertation, our tutor Mark Ingham decided to go to us individually for us to share what we have done on our dissertation over the summer and title. I received good feedback and gained other pointers to which I need to consider.

We received a task for next week Thursday is to complete 300 word covering why I have done this dissertation, why this question, what was my motivation, how I will go about m dissertation, for example ‘In chapter one I will..’ This is to be seen as the introduction to my dissertation.

It is also important to have a progress log, a progress log can be anything that show how we went along with our dissertation regarding to sources and researching. Before ending my second year, I chose to create a blog where I can update it regularly posting up my findings. During our discussion, Mark did say that our blog we have created can be used as a progress map, I must ensure that the link is included in the dissertation.

An interesting article I read in the Metro paper is how scientist are experimenting with people’s dreams. People have volunteered for scientist to record their dreams and analyse what people dream about. It shows how technology is taking us, what scientists are trying to achieve, it does remind me of the film Inception how we can enter our dreams and never wake up to reality, a dream in a dream in a dream, you can forget what reality is and what a dream is, will we ever get to that stage?

Another article I read within the paper is Sony Ericsson launching a new mobile phone which is combined with PSP controls. Is gaming mobiles coming back in? Gaming on the iPhone and iPad is quite successful why need physical controls?

I received an email back from Tracy Jenkin regarding my dissertation as I would like her to proof read my dissertation to ensure I am on the correct pathway.

Friday 29th October 2010

In groups, we had a tutorial with our tutor Sam, speaking about the RSA project. We discussed how we can take the research further, for one wee I will conduct a visual diary of my day to day thing which I or other people handle. I say visual diary as I will sketch objects allowing me to develop my drawing skills. These findings will then be formed into a graph.


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